Sunday, January 27, 2008

Book Review: 12: The Elements of Great Managing

Book Review of 12: The Elements of Great Managing

Following up on the success of First Break all the Rules, "12", by Rodd Wagner and James Harter is a fantastic read. The title represents the 12 elements of work life help explain workers' motivations and productivity.

Without giving away the specifics, these elements include understanding your job and what is expected of you, having the opportunity to success, receiving acknowledgement of a job well done. having friends at work that foster your growth and honestly care about your well being, and having the chance to grow as a professional

All the insights provided in the book are backed with empirical evidence and case studies. The science of the book is well explained for the layman and the focus of the book expands beyond North America into and incorporates international perspectives.

Each of the 12 chapters in the book begins with a case study correlating to one of the Elements. The chapters then follow through with solution or realization of the Elements in action. The massive research undertaking by Gallup is well represented and factual with ties into the modern workplace.

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