Monday, December 29, 2008

TiVo S3 SDV Tuning Adapter Installation

A week back or so I received a response from Time Warner regarding my request for a Switched Digital Video (SDV) "Tuning Adapter". This device allows my cable-card equipped TiVo Series 3 to receive certain channels that were previously blocked.

In summary, while I still consider it a hassle to have to obtain such a device, I am happy for the time being. Previously, about a dozen or so HD channels were not viewable through my TiVo S3.

Here is my story in pictures:

Step 1: Go to your local Time Warner office and pick up a SDV Tuning adapter.
Step 2: Directions are minimalistic, so throw them away
Step 3: Power everything down (specifically the TiVo)
Step 3: Cable from the wall to the tuning adapter, then from the tuning adapter to the TiVo S3
Step 4: Power the TiVo and the Tuning Adapter up
Step 5: Call Time Warner and have them activate the device
Step 6: Relax and enjoy

Start to finish, roughly 1 hour