Thursday, December 08, 2011 Success TV: Chatter Customer Groups

Shalini Gupta and John Kucera from discuss Customer Groups in Chatter. Customer Groups extends the functionality of Chatter by allowing you to collaborate with your customers, prospects and partners, in a private and secure environment.

Chatter Customer Groups accomidates "real" collaboration with files, message and embedded videos. This functionality enhances the customer experience and allows you to share large files without clogging up your email box.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Forthcoming Enhancements (Spring '12)

Chatter Enhancements
  • Chatter Bookmarks - Yeah! We now have the ability to keep track of important Chatter posts with Bookmarks. Access your saved bookmarks from your profile page. Any time that anyone else "likes" or responds to a book marked Chatter post you also receive an email notification.
  • Chatter File Enhancements - You can now post documents or any other files as part of a Chatter Comment. File size limits now increased from 100 MB to 2 GB, wow! Increased ability to share or limit file access to specific people or groups
  • Recommendations - Chatter now suggests files to follow in addition to people, groups and records. Enhanced UI for recommendations and better suggestions are also added in this release.
  • Chatter Search improvements - Search now keep track of what you search for and moves common search results up to the top of the list. YouTube Video posts are now included in search results.
  • Sharing Chatter Posts (Very Cool) You now have the ability to share your posts with multiple people and groups, as opposed to reposting the same thing multiple times. Basically this is an enhanced "retweet" function.
  • Native Chatter client for Android phones and tablets
  • Improvements to the @Mention function. In the past Chatter listed people you follow first, then presented a drop-down to get to people that you do not follow. In Spring '12 you now get a consolidated, best match, search result
  • Chatter Influence now displayed in everyone Chatter Profile
  • Chatter invitations increased from 5 domains to 200!
SalesCloud Enhancements
  • User-selectable forecast date ranges and Updated Links in Forecasts
  • Salesforce for Outlook (SFO) ability to filter-out private items from Outlook by adding them to the Outlook category "Don't Sync with Salesforce"
  • Create a Saleforce Case from an Outlook email
  • For emails shared from Outlook to Saleforce, in the event that the recipient's email address is not found, the "My Unresolved Items" has been enhanced greatly.
  • In addition to Social Contacts, Salesforce also added the concept of Social Accounts. In addition to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, YouTube and Klout have been added ... unfortunately no Google+ as of yet.
ServiceCloud Enhancements
  • Chatter Answers integrates Cases, Answers, Sites, Customer Portal, and Salesforce Knowledge to provide you with a Web community for your customers. Post, browse, and reply to questions, flag questions containing questionable posts and comments, voting, etc.
  • Case Feed adds a new way of creating, reviewing, and updating cases.
  • Salesforce Console push notifications (pilot only feature)
  • Enhancements to Salesforce Knowledge - Knowledge Article validation, Knowledge Actions (Pilot), Article versioning, Spelling corrections for Knowledge search (Beta), Enhanced HTML editor
Analytics Edition
  • New reporting tool integrated into featuring Bucketing, Cross filters and Joined reports
  • The Salesforce Mobile SDK is an open source suite of developer technologies that simplify the development of mobile applications.
  • Allows you to create both Native and HTML5 apps
  • Cloud Flow Designer - Now GA
  • Global search enhancements - 
  • global search keeps track of which objects you use and how often you use them, and arranges the search results accordingly
  • Visualforce Components for Chatter Answers
  • Visualforce Components for Live Agent
  • Visualforce Component for Chatter
  • Visualforce Component for Social Accounts and Contacts
  • Dynamic Visualforce Components - Now GA
  • Permission Sets Enhancements: Updated for Single Sign-On, New password complexity options, etc.

How big is your social influence? aims to help you understand your social influence. Currently the site analyzes data from your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Personally I use LinkedIn to manage my career and keep in touch with business contacts whereas I use Facebook strictly to keep up with friends and family.

While I used Twitter for a while, other then letting people what I am up to on Blogger, I find it pretty useless.

Currently my Klout reach is 11 of 100, I wonder how they calculate the score?

Kindle Touch

Just ordered up a new Kindle Touch from Amazon for our upcoming vacation. Excited about taking my library on the road once again. I had been using Kindle on the iPad, however I never found it particularly useful for reading outdoors.

For starters, I will be catching up on the life and times of Steve Jobs.

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