Friday, April 27, 2012

Decision Making: Attitude and Motivation

DisciplineDecision Making
iTunes U CoursePepperdine University: Organizational Behavior
Lecture (iTunes)Attitude and Motivation

Notes and Reflection:
For the next portion of my iTunes U-based continuing self-education I am searching for programs related to Decision Making. The title and synapse of this course are compelling, unfortunately the audio quality is very poor and I think the the course level is a bit to introductory.

The instructor is good, however the microphone placement if a bit off and even with the sound turned up all the way to 11, I can barely make out what he is saying. No good for mobility and certainly no good on the treadmill.

The first 5 mins of the session are purely overview of the course and can be skipped. In addition the next 10 mins is dedicated to individual group discussions and can also be skipped. Basically you can jump right to 16:10 for the actual lecture to begin.

The basics of is talk is attitude and motivation.
  1. Frustration: negative force that is infectious within an organization, This can be brought about my many situations but heavily impacts overall attitude
  2. Cognitive Dissonance: Conflicting Ideals - Misalignment between behavior and attitude. For example, people smoke but know its bad for them 
  3. Discussions on Organizational Values 
He wraps things up with a discussion regarding Southwest Airlines. What people feel about the company: Inexpensive, Good Service, Flexible, Desire to focus on the customer, Only Airline actually making money, Efficiency, Not-Overly focused on high-quality, much more focused on value.

Interesting discussions, but with the quality of the audio, I am going to have to pass on this one.

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