Sunday, April 15, 2012

TED Leading Wisely: Lead like the great conductors

This is my first review post as part of my new Personal eMBA program. I am still sorting out the structure of how I should categorize everything, for the time being it seems that using Labels (tags) should work just fine. I will categorize reviews for this course using the tags "Leadership" as well as "TED Talks Leading Wisely".

The first tag will represent the broad categorization and the second will represent the specific iTunes  U Course. In the case of this post TED Talks Leading Wisely.

In the first installment we hear from Italy Talgam in his TED presentation "Italy Talgam: Lead like the great conductors"

Discipline: Leadership
iTunes U CourseTED Talks Leading Wisely
Lecture (iTunes)Itay Talgam: Lead Like the Great Conductors

My Notes:
Orchestra conductors face a huge leadership challenge: managing the expert skills of many professional musicians to create beautiful music without saying a word. Itay Talgam suggest that management can learn a few things from the conductor.

  • One type of "manager" (Claus Klaber) creates harmony and happiness in the workplace which enable the stories of many to be heard.
  • Riccardo Muti shows us a different type of manager, the perfectionist. Commanding and demanding perfection from everyone. The downside of this is that the employee may feel that they are being used as instruments as opposed to partners.
  • Richard Strauss is another example, in his case he allows the music to happen without interpretative.
  • Others, such as Herbert Von Karajan takes great pleasure in watching the story unfold as the musicians interpret it, however the manager is only satisfied when the music is as he intended. Mistakes are noted, however perfection is vastly enjoyed.
Process and Partnership brings about the best of everyone.

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