Sunday, April 22, 2012

TED Leading Wisely: Listen, learn ... then lead

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Lecture (iTunes)Stanley McChrystal: Listen, learn ... then lead

My Notes:
In this segment from TED, retired 4-star general Stanley McChrystal shares his experiences about leadership from his years of service in the military. General McCrystal provides us with insight into the military mindset.

During his special forces service during the mid-1980, field leadership was very different from what it is today. In the past, military leaders served on the field of battle, however nowadays leadership is provided to troops in remote parts of the world, via satellite uplinks, email, real-time chat and other "new" forms of communication.

General McCrystal explains that technology has forever changed the field of battle, and today's military leader must be able to provide guidance using technology. In addition to the technology, the style of management has evolved from top-down to bottom-up. He explains that this natural evolution is aided by listening and learning.

As a business manger, you might not be up on all the latest technology, however in order to remain relevant, you must adopt the communication style of your employees and follow similar "new" thinking.

As I reflect on his speech, I am thinking about today's remote and mobile work-forces and how we in the civilian world must adopt as well.

Very inspiring words from a inspiring American.

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