Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back to the business of educating me

Way back in 2008, I set a goal to "make a change that sticks". Ever since that date, I started thinking differently about how people learn and, more specifically, how I learn.

I started out pursuing what Josh Kaufman calls the Personal MBA. His program is very good and consists of reading and loads of personal introspection. Josh is still going strong and has loads of followers and is now a published author.

This year, I am seeing to expand this and start incorporating further structure.

To this, my plan is to borrow structural elements of a traditional Executive MBA, coupled with audio and video courseware made freely available by iTunes U.

For my first "semester" I am planning the following courses. While I have not yet identified the specifics of each course, generally I will categorize things as Accounting, Economics, Finance, Operations, Information Systems, Statistics, Management and Career Development, etc.. Assuming that all goes well, I will use these same terms as labels on this blog. In addition I will use "My Personal MBA" to identify posts specifically on the program I am following/making-up-on-the-fly.

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