Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chatter Pulse for

Behold, my third and most diabolical AppExchange App...Chatter Pulse. Peform trend analysis on Chatter use

Just cleared the security review and is now live on the Salesforce AppExchange. I conjured Chatter Pulse while working on the previous solution "Adoption Trendz". Chatter pulse is similar in that it continues the concept of leveraging a secondary reporting object to collect statistics for later analysis with Salesforce Reports. Unfortunately, getting at Chatter data is a bit trickier than standard objects. Currently it is not possible, and realistically impossible to report on anyones Chatter usage.

Chatter Pulse solves this riddle by leveraging triggers on both the FeedItem and FeedComment objects. Basically any time a user posts on comments on a post, a record is added to the "Chatter Pulse" table.

Since the user object behaves a bit differently, I needed to created a third trigger on User to round out the tracking on general status updates.

Check out a brief walkthrough on YouTube here:

Unfortunately you cannot currently access "Likes" through the API, so I will have to table tracking those types of interactions. I will likely focus on what we might be able to do with Chatter Files.

Chatter Pulse can be installed from the AppExchange and is free of charge. Click here for details.

Also, if you would like to get involved in the future development of Chatter Pulse or Adoption Trendz, join me here on GitHub!


  1. Hey Rob, Is this ChatterPulse error I'm getting Chatter free user related? OP_WITH_INVALID_USER_TYPE_EXCEPTION, Operation not valid for this user type
    I'm not sure if its an issue affecting the data. Cheers. Muz

    1. Muz - Not certain if you saw this, however this issue has been resolved in the latest iteration of Chatter Pulse


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