Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Forthcoming Force.com Enhancements (Summer '12)

Looking forward to the Summer '12 release of Salesforce.com this comming weekend. Here is a quick rundown of forthcomming features available to administrators and developers:

Visual Workflow Enhancements
  • Build reusable flows - flows can call other flows
  • limit and sort your queries against Salesforce records
  • Sort is available for Dynamic Choices
  • Cloud Flow Designer button bar now has icons instead of text
  • Copy and Paste elements in the Cloud Flow Designer
  • Tighter security for Flow Finish Behavior 
  • Customize the look and feel of your flow’s interface using CSS classes and Visualforce flow attributes
  • Choose between a plain or rich text editor to create content 
Visualforce Enhancements 
  • Two additional attributes for the Visualforce component: showPublisher and feedItemType
  • Boolean showChat attribute to turn on/off Chatter Messenger
  • Optimized PDF generation
  • Describe support in APEX (dynamically generate the SOQL)
  • Additional referential integrity
  • Disable Development Mode button

Developer Console Enhancements
  • Syntax highlighting colors comments, numbers, strings, reserved keywords, primitive data types, variable declarations, and references
  • Performance Trees now show as part of the stack in the System Log view
  • Create and Delete workspaces
  • Easily navigate through your tab history using buttons
  • Overlay a diagnostic output on the run without instrumenting the code
Schema Builder Enhancements: Now Generally Available

Permission Sets Enhancements
  • Permission sets include an assigned apps page: specify which apps are visible to users with the selected permission set
  • Permission sets, like Profiles, can now determine what tabs settings a user has: Default On = Visible; Default Off = Available; Tab Hidden = No Access
  • Ability for Developers to create apps to query and manage Apex Page and Class access programmatically which are in line with their security policies.
  • Ability for Developers to build, package, and distribute administrative applications using visualforce with apex classes that not only query permissions but also manage those rights and their assignments to users
  • “Customize Application” permission is no longer required to edit users’ access to Apex classes and Visualforce pages
Security Enhancements
  • Verify a CA-signed certificate’s expiration date by clicking the certificate’s label
  • SMS-based identify confirmation is now available for all users, providing additional identify confirmation when needed
  • Bearer OAuth access token is now supported
  • Specify the HttpOnly attribute for your session ID cookies, restricting session ID cookie access to browsers only
  • Setup pages now include protection against clickjack attacks, aka: user interface redress attacks
Sharing Enhancements
  • Custom objects can have separate org-wide defaults for internal and external users (Pilot).
  • Partner Super User Access
Search Enhancements
  • Improved Article Search Relevancy (Service Cloud)
  • Improved File Search Relevancy (Chatter)
  • Improved Global Search Scope and Ordering
Relationship Field Enhancements: Added functionality to both the Lookup and Master-Detail relationship field types.

  • Lookups: Added the ability to make them required, or to restrict the deletion of a record that is the target in a lookup relationship. Also added the ability to enable cascade delete when a target record is deleted
  • Master-Detail: Added an attribute to the field that will allow children in master-detail relationships to be re-parented to another record
Object Limits: New object limits page: shows details about your usage of customizations on an object

Apex Code Enhancements
  • Perform DML operations such as create, update, and delete on Permission Set sObjects
  • New methods have been added that perform strict parsing when deserializing JSON content
  • The limit of callouts (HTTP requests or Web Services calls) for each method execution in a batch Apex class has increased from 1 to 10
  • New instance methods have been added to System.Type: getName, newInstance
  • Sort Lists that contain non-primitive data types, such as sObjects or user-defined types, using the List.sort method
  • Active query cursor limit per user has increased from 5 to 50, so SOQL queries in your code are less likely to reach the cursor limit and cause errors
Database.com Online Help: Find all Database.com related videos, workbooks, and developer guides in the portal located at docs.database.com

Database.com as a Heroku Add-on: Heroku users developing any apps in Ruby & Java can now connect that app to a new database.com free org directly from the Heroku Add-on Catalog or Heroku CLI. They can even bind to an existing database.com org.

Chatter  Rest API Enhancements
  • Files resource (includes the primary UI functions in the Chatter Files Tab)
  • Use an existing Chatter file as the source of a user or group photo
  • New property formattedAddress returns the address formatted for the logged-in user’s locale
  • isDeleteRestricted property indicates if a feed item can be deleted.
  • NotAMemberPrivateRequested is a new value available for the Group Member role payload
  • Flatview sorting parameter for feeds
  • User recommendations payload enhancements
  • Build CTI systems that integrate with Salesforce without the use of CTI adapters.
  • Create customizable SoftPhones (call-control tools) that function as fully-integrated parts of Salesforce and the Service Cloud console
API Enhancements
  • Multiple API Enhancements to support the enhancements to Chatter Answers, Data.com, Knowledge, Permission Sets, Live Agent, Relationships, Flow Designer, and Reporting and Dashboards
  • SOQL OFFSET lets you specify the starting row of the result set your SOQL query returns
  • Retrieve your organization’s customization information using the Metadata REST API so that you can read your organization’s metadata
Site.com Enhancements
  • Site.com permissions are now a combination of the user’s license and their assigned role at the site level
  • Import folders of assets and maintain the folder structure in the site using ZIP files of the content
  • Modify the default div tag of panels, repeaters, repeater elements, custom code, and content blocks using the updated HTML Tag property
  • View publishing history for their sites, including date, publisher, and detail information for each activity related to publishing
Additional Force.com Enhancements
  • Slimmer formula compilations
  • Recent items in setup
View the Summer '12 Release Developer Preview here on YouTube:

For users of NA1, NA6, NA7, NA8, and NA9 your instance will be upgraded the weekend of June 1.

For users of NA2, NA3, NA4, NA5, NA10, NA11, NA12, and NA14 will be upgraded the weekend og June 8.

All other users should check the release maintenance posting on http://trust.salesforce.com/trust/status/ for details.

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