Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Forthcoming Salesforce.com Enhancements (Summer '12)

Looking forward to the Summer '12 release of Salesforce.com this comming weekend. Here is a quick rundown of forthcomming features available to end-users:

Collaboration Cloud
  • Resharing of any status updates and group posts (Similar to re-tweeting)
  • Enhancements for easier publishing of Chatter posts
  • Ability to add a Chatter gadget to VisualForce pages
  • Chatter Messenger now Generally Available
  • Files are now included in Data Export
  • Enhanced Chatter Email notifications (Just ask and SFDC listens)
  • Upload multiple files at once
  • Files in My Groups filtering
  • Automatic supression of "old" posts (45+ day old and have not comments or likes)
  • Brandable Chatter UI for force.com using Connect in APEX (Pilot)
Sales Cloud
  • Migration from Customizable Forecasting to Collaborative Forecasting
  • Optional enabling of Quotas in Forecasting
  • Shared Activities - Relate tasks to multiple contacts
  • Email approval enhancements
  • Product selection enhancements (Maintain product selections across multiple pages of products, A-Z shortcut selection of products, display > 25 products per page
Service Cloud
  • Chatter Answers for Service Cloud
    • Improved posting and flow
    • Incorporate Answers as a tab in any portal
    • Chatter Answers Moderator enhancements
    • Brandable Chatter Answers for external sites
    • Facebook login for Chatter Answers
    • Chatter Answers reputation
    • Privately answer questions that are linked to Cases
  • Live Agent Enhancements
    • Desktop notifications to service agents
    • Multi-skill routing on chat buttons
    • Live Agent Supervisor Page
  • Case Feed Page - Single place to see all key elements of a case
    • Case highlights
    • Case attributes
    • Multi-channel contact information
    • Case feed and filters
    • Case followers
  • Custom buttons on the case feed
  • Jump links on the case feed
  • Printable view for the case
  • Additional case feed enhancements
    • Multi-select and Dependent Pick lists
    • Case feed now available in VisualForce Pages
    • Configurable email notifications
  • Service Cloud Console Enhancements: Custom Console Component display
  • Knowledge Enhancements
    • New workflow action "Knowledge Action"
    • Track article history (customizable)
  • Joined Reports Enhancements
    • Cross Block Custom Summary Formulas let you calculate values across multiple blocks in a joined report. 
    • Charts on Joined Reports let you get data from multiple blocks on the same chart.
  • Reports Tab Enhancements
    • Drag and drop capability to move reports and dashboards 
  • Dashboard Enhancements
    • Directly edit a dashboard component to specify the groupings and summary fields
    • Define dashboard components directly on the dashboard
    • Combination charts are now available for dashboard components
  • Cross Filtering is now available on all objects in Campaign CRTs
  • Enhanced Mobile Dashboards iPad App
    • Browse recently viewed dashboards, or ones you’re following
    • Search for dashboards
    • View individual dashboard components, highlight their values, and drill into underlying reports
    • Email a dashboard or an individual component to others
    • Access recently viewed or followed dashboards offline
  • Touch.salesforce.com (Beta)
    • Provides real-time access to Salesforce information/data on your touchscreen mobile device.
    • HTML5 solution for Tablets + Phones, optimized for mobile devices.
    • GA expected in July/Aug 2012 timeframe
    • Currently supports Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Chatter,  Activities and all custom objects.
    • Currently GA for iPad, Beta for Android.
  • Salesforce Mobile for Android tablets.
    • Generally Available with Summer '12
    • Integrates with native Android features
  • Data.com Clean: Provides additional Dun & Bradstreet fields for accounts, including D-U-N-S Number, NAICS Code, NAICS Description, and more
    • Report on data quality and relevantly with deep insights on customers
    • Target and remove duplicates leveraging reports and analytics
    • Fill and complete records with automated jobs to fill in incomplete records
  • Data.com Premium
    • All D&B fields available to Corporate, plus over 70 additional D&B fields for accounts
    • Includes D&B Companies tab, which lists D&B Company records for all accounts you’ve added from Data.com.
  • Additional Data.com Enhancements
    • D&B data now part of Data.com Clean
    • Industry Selector allows users to find contacts and companies across multiple industries and at any level of the industry hierarchy
Here is a collection of YouTube videos which discuss some of the new features:

For users of NA1, NA6, NA7, NA8, and NA9 your instance will be upgraded the weekend of June 1.

For users of NA2, NA3, NA4, NA5, NA10, NA11, NA12, and NA14 will be upgraded the weekend og June 8.

All other users should check the release maintenance posting on http://trust.salesforce.com/trust/status/ for details.

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