Sunday, May 13, 2012

McGill University: Mintzberg on Managing

Management expert Henry Mintzberg has played a major role shaping the world’s concept of managing. According to him, CEO bonuses need to disappear and companies should promote “communityship”.

Discipline: Management
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Lecture (iTunes): Mintzberg on Managing

Reflection: Professor of McGill and one of the worlds foremost experts on management. He identified the need for the practice of management base don some of his early studies of managers. Managers are interrupted very often. This is not planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling, rather its about keeping your head above water.

Management is neither a science nor a profession, it is a practice. While the content of what you are dealing with changes, the practice of management remains the same.

Strategic planning is an oxymoron, people solve little problems which snowball into big ideas. His example was Ikea, where they had several employes trying to fit a table into a car. The reasoned if we can't get this table in the cas, how will our customers? The result was shifting to sell their products in knock-down packages which you assembled at home. This is now central to Ikea's "strategy".

In the mid-1990, Mintzberg changed his focus to management education, specifically the MBA program. He thinks that it is not possible to teach anyone solely in the classroom. Based on this, he created the IMPM: The International Masters Program in Practicing Management and other programs, IMHL, and eRoundtables.

The eRoundtables sound very interesting, they pair up eMBA students from around the world and connect them togethers to discuss contemporary management issues.

Very good short program, I look forward to exploring IMPM further!

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