Wednesday, May 09, 2012

TED Talks: Can design save newspapers?

Discipline: Design
iTunes U Course: Reimagine the Designer
Lecture (iTunes): Jacek Utko designs to save newspapers

A short but eloquent presentation from Jacek Utko, a Polish designer fixed on revolutionizing newspapers through Design Thinking. While his presentation is only 6 minutes long, the powerful story speak on many different levels.

Here in America is seems that the newspaper is going the way of the buggy whip. Not so in Eastern Europe where designers like Jacek Utko are rethinking the way that newspapers look, flow and feel.

As opposed to text-centric designs of the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, etc., his approach is blod fresh designed that engage the reader. If newspapers provoked this level of emotion in the US, I would still be a subscriber, alas I am reclined to my headline snippets on my iPad and micro-stories flying across twitter.

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