Friday, May 04, 2012

TED Talks: finding design in the details

Discipline: Design
iTunes U Course: Reimagine the Designer
Lecture (iTunes): Paul Bennett finds design in the details

Notes and Reflection: We have the need to reconcile what the big wants and what the small needs. The "big" being the company or government or country or whatever.

Brining together the small to help facilitate the big.
Small is the new big.

The blinding glimpse of the bleeding obvious.
We often overlook what is going on around us.
Mr Bennett points out a large health care organization that he was called in to work with on improving the patient experience. Putting themselves in the patient position,the saw the obvious, the patient was starring the ceiling for an unbearable amounts of time.

They then started prototyping a few simple things, putting a mirror on the gurney so the patient case who was pushing them around and doing simple things like decorating the ceiling. And other things like changing the floor pattern as they entered the room. In other cases they put simple white boards in patient rooms to write notes to the patient...cheerful notes.

He then points out several simple discoveries that were made through watching the tags around you. Velcro from burs, reflectors on the highways from cats eyes, etc. using these as opportunities to create and improve.

Finding yourself in the margins.
Looking to the edge of things. Look wide and use your peripheral vision. At the time, nurses hand a handed device for data entry. However by watching the nurse in action, they saw that nurses often held the hands of patients to keep them calm and comforted. They came up with a new device with a simple thumb scroll, something acquired eventually by the Blackberry.

People design their own solutions. Wether it's the pole in the street or a line in a corridor or wrap the string from a tea bag around the handle of the cup.

Having the beginners mind
Children don't think about solutions the way the adults do. Put yourself in the mindset, literally of a child. Hanging things from the bottom of a table makes sense for a child would not initially make sense to an adult.

Making battles big enough to matter but small enough to win
Where do we start, how do we start... When they were designing a pump, they needed to look at portability and the ability and ease of use before ascetics

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