Thursday, May 10, 2012

TED Talks: Designing objects that tell stories

Discipline: Design
iTunes U Course: Reimagine the Designer
Lecture (iTunes): Yves Behar on designing objects that tell stories

This is the final segment in the iTunes "Reimagine the Designer" course. This has been a very fun diversion from my normal day-to-day. Typically I do not think traditional designer thoughts, however I feel the need to spread Design Thinking into my work. Design is not a disciplin that should be left to "designers", rather something that we should lace into the things we do , whether it's traditional design, writing, learning, programming or whatever.

In this presentation, Yves Behar focuses beyond the skin of objects to create a lasting partnership with clients. Some of his monumental designs are the Mini Couper watch, with its face that changes from horizontal to vertical to allow you to check your watch more discretely, the Herman Miller Leaf Lamp, or the Jawbone headset.

Fast forward to some of his designs to the $100 laptop. Making technology available for kids that are fun and approachable.

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